Mysterious DVD Arrives At /Film Offices: "Do You Have The Crazy?"

Today in the mail we received an unmarked package containing a DVD-r. Written on the DVD-r in black sharpie are the words "Do You Have the Crazy?" (as seen above in my iPhone snapshot)

Most of you probably don't recognize the phrase, because it's featured in a great zombie/horror movie that I saw at Sundance in January. In our review we called it "hilariously violent." The Signal is a horror film told in three parts from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission which invades every cell phone, radio and TV, turing people into killers.

We popped the DVD into our office iMac, and were greeted with the same creepy disturbance filled white noise video which is featured in the film. Soon after we started to feel violent. I attacked a few unsuspecting people on the street with a baseball bat before cooler heads prevailed and I realized that this whole thing would make a good blog post. The video ends with the url superimposed across the screen. You can see what we're talking about after the jump. Pretty cool marketing stunt for a very worthy india horror flick. The Signal hits theaters on September 7th 2007.