What You Missed: Charlie Bartlett Movie Trailer

I was leaving a screening of Arctic Tale with one of my buddies (also a film reviewer) on Saturday morning when we noticed a poster for a movie titled Charlie Bartlett. It's funny because I've never heard next to nothing about the film, yet something drew us over to the one-sheet. May-be it was the cast list which included Robert Downey Jr and Hope Davis. Nope, it was probably the fact that we had heard nothing about the film. And for someone that writes about movies for a living to come across a film that I didn't know was approaching is rare. And it's not like the poster was teasing a way off release date, Bartlett hits theaters in exactly one month (August 3rd).

But what really got me curious was a review I read tonight from someone who saw the film at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

"All I can say is SEE THIS MOVIE. If you've been waiting to see a real teen movie since 1985 when the credits to The Breakfast Club stopped rolling, the genie has granted your wish. This is a rated-R honest to god funny, real, touching teen flick. And if you want more of them, I implore that you support this one," Duke wrote. "If you like the works of Wes Anderson, John Hughes, Hal Ashby or just have a penchant for dramedies and teen flicks this one is for you. The most comparable movie in recent years is probably Igby Goes Down, but this is less jaded."

Wow, what a pretty bold statement. So I decided to seek out the film's theatrical trailer. And one does exist, although you probably wouldn't know it. MGM is doing a horrible job promoting this film (in complete fairness, the release is smaller and the promotion will probably ramp up in the next few weeks), especially if it's even half as good as the reviewer claims. The trailer shows a lot of promise. Check it out after the jump.

[flv:http://www.slashfilm.com/wp/wp-content/trailers/charliebartlett.flv 374 201]