Ratatouille LEAKED Online One Week Before Nationwide Release

In future history books, 2007 will probably become known as the year that movie piracy became mainstream. Sure, Star Wars Episode III hit the bit torrent networks days before it's release. And there was the occasional other film that found it's way onto the web before it's nationwide release. But for the most part pirated movies were something you would find the week after the film's premiere.

This last month has been one of the biggest 30 days in movie piracy, with Hostel: Part II, Michael Moore's Sicko and now Pixar's Ratatouille finding their way onto the internet weeks before their US release. We have not downloaded the movie (as that would be illegal, plus we already caught an early press screening last week) but people who have claim that it is a good cam copy. The sample photos which are available on most torrent sites show a very darkened image (note: the image above is a studio still and is far better quality than the photos I've seen). I recommend that you please resist temptation and see this movie on the big screen. Pixar movies are full of lush colors and incredible detail. That is just one of the things that sets the studio's films apart from the rest of the pack. Remember that and repeat after me: "I will not download Ratatouille!" Good. It will be interesting to see how much (if any) piracy will effect the opening weekend box office of a children's movie. I mean, I doubt that parents will be putting their kids in front of the computer screen to watch an illegally downloaded copy. Right?

One thing is for sure, Disney is gonna be pissed.