Interview With Once's John Carney, Glen Hansard And Marketa Irglova

On Thursday May 17th, we had the chance to speak to director John Carney and stars Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova about the new india musical Once. At Sundance this year, Once was one of the most talked about films. However we missed it at the festival. We finally caught the film before the San Francisco International Film Festival and loved it. It's so wonderful, yet so hard to describe. Is it a musical? Is it a love story? We decided to ask the people who would know the answer.

Running Time: 29 minutesTimecode Chapter Guide:

0:25 Is This a Musical? "Calling it a musical is probably the worst thing you can do!"

3:00 It Started with a Conversation at a Concert...

4:40 "The Music was easy, that's what we do."

5:45 The difficult part was the shooting hours

6:10 Trusting John to get a real performance

6:45 Working with Non-actor Performers

8:15 The Top 5 Movies of All Time

12:30 Improving vs. Script

14:30 Returning to the Street to Perform

15:00 Hiding the Cameras, Trying Not to be Noticed

16:15 The Street Scene that Went Wrong

18:30 Once: The Play?

19:45 Filming Handheld Means No Permits

20:10 A Once Sequel?

21:45 John Carney wants to Remake Guys and Dolls Like The Sopranos

23:30 A Big Hollywood Remake?

26:10 The Collaborative Process Behind The Screenplay/Music