Must See: D-War Movie Trailer And Posters

I must admit, I haven't heard of D-War until now, but seeing the trailer was enough to sell us. Hey, what can I say – we're easy. D-War, which stands for Dragon Wars, is a monster movie directed by Korean actor (and comedian?) Shim Hyung-rae. FilmJunk claims that the "movie took almost 6 years to complete, and it was created with a worldwide audience in mind." If you like the Godzilla films, Jurassic Park, or the recent Korean horro film The Host, check out this new trailer after the jump. We also have a look at the film's poster art, thanks to our friends at TwitchFilm.

Now my only question is: When can I see this movie? The film is set to open on 1,500 screens in the U.S., making it the largest scale opening for a Korean film in the states. Originally the movie was scheduled to hit theaters in Korea on August 2nd, and later that month in the US. But we're now told to probably expect a US release in Late Fall 2007.

You can also check out this package of clips that was released two years ago:

D-War Poster