Warner Bros To Make Live-Action Thundercats Movie?

Warner Bros has optioned the property based on a script by newbie Paul Sopocy.  Growing up a kid of the 1980's, I liked (or at least watched) all sorts of bad 80's cartoon shows (probably starting with The Smurfs). It seems like Hollywood has run out of all original ideas again. Later this month Transformers will be unleashed and prove all the Hollywood movie executives right: "See, remaking the old shit brings in the real cash." They are already talking about adapting He-Man, The Jetsons, Land of the Lost and many others. And now we have Thundercats. I hate to sound down on the whole idea of live action remakes of the classic animated series, but chances are they won't be done right. I appreciate the flashback of 80's nostalgia but would rather something like the first Masters of the Universe movie have never been made. And I'd like to be excited for this film, but I just find it hard to believe that they could make cat-faced humans look "cool" in live-action. I mean, for the record: I always thought car transforming robots fighting each other on freeways would translate to a live-action big screen movie. But this?