Kevin Smith Talks: Awkward MTV Movie Award/Advertisement

One of the oddest things on last nights MTV Movie Awards was Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes accepting the "Dirtiest Mouth Award". Normally Smith and crew accepting an award for foul language would be a normal thing, but it was far from normal. It was essentially an advertisement for Orbits gum. I tried to find video footage of this to demonstrate what I mean, but even on, where they have the whole MTV Movie Awards available on demand, the orbits ad/award is absent. Why would Smith participate in such a stunt? Well turns out he didn't know ahead of time, much like everyone who voted for the award. Let's let Smith explain for himself:

"When it was first revealed to us that the Dirtiest Mouth Moment was, basically, a commercial spot for Orbit, I started to question the integrity of the award. Then I remembered it was the Mtv Movie Awards, and they had a category called Best Movie You Haven't Seen Yet. And with that, I realized I didn't need to sweat it. A joke award is a joke award," wrote Smith. "I take small comfort in knowing I wasn't the only whore there. Don't know what the whole show looked like to the home viewing audience, but sitting there, in the Gibson Auditorium? Watching presenter after presenter drag ass onto the stage to suckle at the teen demo teat and dutifully hype their upcoming summer flick? It looked like a big ol' nest of whores."

And Smith thanked the fans for voting for him and Mewes, despite the fact that they didn't get a gold popcorn bucket, and had ten seconds to say thank you in a acceptance speech that was pre-taped the day before. LIVE? My ass. Because MTV didn't give Smith the forum to thank the people that voted, I present you with his heartfelt thank-filled quotable:

"Even though it's a dopey award, I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. Awards are nice (even this award), but it's you folks – the audience who supports our stuff – that make me dick-sneeze in my Y-fronts, without even touching myself or rubbing my erection up against something like a mattress or the shower wall. It may be a tired cliche' that's lost much of its original depth and meaning based on constant overuse, but You Guys Rock."