Must Watch: Five New Transformers Video Clips

All I have to say is "OH MY GOD!" Have you seen the new clip of Bonecrusher vs. Optimus Prime from Michael Bay's Transformers? If not, we have it below, along with a bunch of other Transformers related clips and footage which was unveiled during the 2007 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday Night.

First up is the 30-second clip from the awesome Optimus Prime/Bonecrusher freeway battle.


An extended video clip of the first desert Scorponok attacks which has been hinted at in most of the trailers and tv spots.

[flv: 450 180]

A new behind the scenes featurette which has a bunch of new footage and interviews, including Steven Spielberg saying this is the "Biggest Picture" Michael Bay has ever directed. Shia jokingly discusses how the camera is placed in a bullet proof box for protection, just inches away from his unprotected body.

[flv: 450 180]

A new clip from the movie shows Megan Fox's character looking under the hood of Shia's car. This clip worries me a lot because not only does it feature a beautiful young woman who is supposed to be a car expert (even in a movie with talking walking car transforming robots this seems a bit unbelievable) but the Shia LaBeouf even comes off very creepy with his "I'd like to go faster" line.

[flv: 450 180]

And last, we have a minute plus long video package that begins with Bernie Mac selling Bumblebee.