Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno Filming At LA's World Trade Week

When Borat became a huge hit, Universal offered Sacha Baron Cohen $42 million to make a follow-up based on one of his third most popular character. Well production has apparently begin as Bruno showed up at the Foreign Trade Association luncheon at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles yesterday. According to a spy, Cohen's character was sans mohawk.

"He's dressed in leather pants, black vest and a black t-shirt. The hair is kinduva flock of seagulls/sad boy from the cure look – rusty brown hair mopped over to one side and the tips are a frosty blonde," the scooper reported.

There were several signs around the event warning you that a documentary was in the process of filming. Some people were offered $20 to sign a release and be interviewed for a documentary about "American culture and world trade".

"Clearly, 99 percent of the people had no idea who he was," the spy wrote to defamer. "Sacha had about 10 people with him. Three people running around with releases to sign, 4 camera people, a blonde haired producer watching the whole thing and a frazzled old dude with string salt and pepper hair checking the sound at the other end of the ballroom."

So watch out America, Bruno is now shooting.