Indiana Jones Plot Details Leaked? We Hope Not!

While a lot of naysaysers have been against the sequelization of american cinema, we've been all for a fourth Indiana Jones. May-be it's because we grew up with the series. May-be it's because we want to revisit the characters from our cinematic childhood. Heck, they got Rocky Balboa right, how hard could it be?

Please sit down and brace yourself. CHUD is reporting some unconfirmed information about the upcoming film which has me seriously worried. According to a scooper named Belloq, the opening action scene of the film will pit Dr. Jones against Russians agents in Area 51. Area 51?! The disbanded Frank Darabont draft had a similar opening and involved Indiana and Aliens from outer space. In the past I have openly spoke out against this idea. I thought George and Steven would have enough sense to abandon this idea altogether.

But wait, there is more – Shia LaBeouf's character is a leather jacket and jean wearing, motorcycle riding greaser. This can;t be true, Can it? And it gets even worse (although I didn't believe it could be possible. According to the scooper "Indy and Shia will be thrown together in this adventure but will not learn they're related until a pivotal action scene."

I am hoping that this is planted misinformation to get us talking. But if this were to be real... if this is real...

George, Steven, I can live with my DVDs. I really don't need to revisit with the characters from my cinematic childhood. I was wrong. Please, put them back!