Rumor Killer: The Incredibles 2

This weekend we noticed that out of no where we started getting a lot of hits from the search engines looking for information on The Incredibles 2. We did a quick google search to see what the heck was going on and discovered that we're the number one result on Google for the search term "The Incredibles 2", hence all the people looking to us for information. As it turns out, a few unknown blogs are reporting that Disney/Pixar have given the greenlight for a Incredibles sequel for a 2009 release. The promotional image (which we obtained via UpcomingPixar), seen right, has also been floating around. One problem: This story is not true. There is actually no truth to this story at all.

When we saw Brad Bird at WonderCon earlier this year, he told us the follow:

"I love the characters and I would love to return to that world," Bird said. "But I think at Pixar, the bottom line is the story that you're telling. And Pixar does not look at sequels as a financial plan. We feel we have a relation ship with the audience and that they believe in each movie we put out. We believe completely in every movie we put out. If I can come up with a story that is as good or better than that first film, then I'd love to return to that world, but it would have to be story first."

And so far there is no viable story, and Brad Bird is prepping to direct his first live action feature for Pixar. So don't expect The Incredibles 2 anytime soon (or in 2009 for that matter).