Lost Star Joins The Dark Knight, Batman To Face New Villain Named Gamble?

MTV has learned that rapper/actor David Banner auditioned this week for the part of a new villain named "Gamble" in The Dark Knight. That's right, a new villain. No mention of the character has ever been made in the long running comic book series (as least as far as we can figure). So either Chris Nolan is introducing a B-level villain alongside Heath Ledger's The Joker, or may-be Banner might have be mistaken and the part could actually be one of The Joker's henchman? Or what if the production had Banner read for a non existent part to keep the script details from leaking?

Also, Lost and Smokin' Aces star Nestor Cabonell has been cast as the mayor of Gotham City. Interestingly enough, the actor actually played a parody of Batman named Batmanuel in The Tick live-action television series.