Transformers: Highest Tested Michael Bay Film Says Producer

A test screening of the final cut of Michael Bay's Transformers has been held, and it tested incredibly high, according to the producers.

"[It tested] higher than any other of Michael [Bay]'s movies," producer Tom DeSanto told RT. "It's good, everybody's excited. It's a great time right now because in a summer of sequels, we're going to be bringing something new to the table."

I really wonder what the highest tested Bay film has been thus far. I would venture to guess that it was probably one of the Bad Boys films or The Rock.

And there was some concern online that they might have had to change the ending of the film. DeSanto confirms that rumor to be false.

"It's one ending. It's one story. It's a beginning, middle and end. The ending works. It's great too because yeah, there's going to be giant robots but there's romance in there and Shia has a real emotional storyline that at the end, you're really rooting for him."

DeSanto also confirmed star Shia LaBeouf's earlier comment that the movie has 20 set pieces, but denies the actors claim that the film runs two and a half hours.

"I would say he's probably right on target. You know when you go to Six Flags and there's the new roller coaster that outdoes every other roller coaster? That's going to be 'Transformers.' We're doing things, and the fun this is it hasn't been done before. It's all new stuff."

All that and more with a running time that is "just about two [hours]." We can't wait.