Eli Roth's Trailer Trash

When I saw Grindhouse, I wondered out loud to some friends: "Why don't they just make an entire movie of just fake trailers." People told me it wouldn't work. One friend said you need a narrative story and nobody would sit in a theater for 30 episodic trailer clips. Well it looks like Eli Roth had the same idea, and has found the solution.

Eli Roth

"I'm going to be doing a film of all fake trailers, like Thransgiving, called Trailer Trash. I want to make a movie like Borat or Jackass that's literally completely ridiculous, totally silly and absurd, that's just all fake trailers. I have a genius way to tie it all together so it will actually play like a movie," Roth revealed to Collider at the Saturn Awards. "I want to do this with a budget because they have to look like movies. Literally I'll have the satisfaction because it will feel like I made 30 movies.""That's the beauty of Trailer Trash – you just need good gags and good kills."

According to Roth, his friends are already on board to contribute segments, including Edgar Wright, Greg Nicoatero and Robert Rodriguez. One could probably assume that Richard Kelly and Quentin Tarantino would also be on this list, although they were not mentioned. Thanksgiving 2 and Hanukill are just some of the films he plans to include in the compilation, which he hopes to shoot in parts before and after he goes into production on the adaptation of Stephen King's Cell. Sounds like a plan.