Dr. Evil: The Movie

I'm not a huge Austin Powers fan. I know, I'm in the minority. But the one character I always got a huge kick out of was Dr. Evil. He was a perfect parody of all the great super-villains of all time. In my opinion, he was the reason why the Austin Powers trilogy was so successful. Now word comes in from our friends at FirstShowing that a fourth Austin Powers may be in the works, and it may focus completely on Dr. Evil!

"There is one that we have an idea about. The only thing I will say is that it's entirely from Dr. Evil's point of view. It would be the first of his trilogy," revealed star Mike Myers. "That was a joke. I just love the bluster of saying that it's a trilogy. Yes, it's a twenty-five part series. No it's not. I'm just joking."

It doesn't sound like anything is greenlit, but I'm sure New Line would jump at the opportunity for another Austin Powers film. Think of the possibilities that could be made by showing a movie from Dr. Evil's point of view. Endless laughs.