Photo: Optimus Prime Has Lips, Did Michael Bay Lie?

Last month a Transformers television advertisement leaked online showing Optimus Prime talking. Fanboys were mortified. DreamWorks sent their legal watchdogs to have the video removed from all corners of the known universe. Michael Bay responded on his blog that the ad was a European test: "lets just say that it wasn't OP or Cullen speaking. It was something the European studios added on their own. In fact, it was a test shot." Fans were relieved. People started reporting that Optimus Prime doesn't have lips. We were still skeptical.

This new image (seen above) was published by LA Times (via: FilmSchoolRejects) proves that Optimus does in fact have LIPS, proving many reports wrong. And now most people are angry at Michael Bay, calling him a liar. But is he? Did he ever say that Optimus Prime didn't have lips? or is that what many people just read into Bay's response? I'm thinking the latter.

Also, another action shot from the LA Times article can be seen below.

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