Rush Hour 3 Movie Trailer

I'm not sure why I'm even posting this. May-be it's because this is one of the big summer movies. May-be it's because it's the third (and hopefully last) film in the series. But truth is, I shouldn't be posting this.

Rush Hour 3 looks worse than the last 2 movies combined. I searched and searched, but could not find even one laugh in the trailer. The stunts don't even look good, and the wire work is incredibly obvious. Jackie Chan is getting too old to do all the crazy stunts that made his films so fun to watch. Chris Tucker is beyond annoying and if you think about it, he's just the poor man's Chris Rock. And as much as I love Chris Rock (at least when it comes to his stand-up work), like most people – I really don't care to see him on the big screen. And Ratner! Don't get me started on Brett Ratner. Someday someone in Hollywood will realize he's a hack director. But with films like Wild Hogs and Night at the Museum making big bank, that unfortunately might be later rather than sooner.

Check out the new trailer to Rush Hour 3 below.

[flv: 450 185]

Or go to to watch the trailer in High Definition.