Page 2: Second Sight, Pirates, Wall-E World, The Dark Knight, Tribeca Deals, Shrek Banners, And More

There's a lot of second page news today so we're bringing back Page 2, our quick fix news rundown:

Universal is planning a big screen adaptation of Second Sight, a 1999 BBC miniseries that starred Clive Owen as a detective struggling to solve a murder before he goes blind. Sounds like an interesting premise. Owen is not attached to the film version.

AICN has a bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End character designs by Aaron McBride and Crash McCreery. I digg the designs but especially Broondjongen, who splits open like a clam shell to reveal a dead figure trapped inside.

The guys over at the BlueSky Disney Blog wonders if Disney will replace Tomorrowland with Wall-E World, based on Andrew Stanton's upcoming Pixar movie. This all depends on the success of the new Finding Nemo Submarine Ride.

Chicago Film Office has posted a notice looking for paid extras for The Dark Knight.The first Tribeca Deals include: Das Fraulein, Vivere, and 9 Star Hotel.FilmIck has a look at four new Shrek the Third banners. More of the same.Dateline Hollywood claims that Frank Langella will play Richard Nixon in Ron Howard's big screen adaptation of the Peter Morgen play Frost/Nixon.