The Simpsons Movie Trailer Is 70% FAKE

Think you know what The Simpsons Movie is about? Think again. Simpsons Writer/Director/Producer James L Brooks claims that 70% of the theatrical trailer is not even in the finished film:

"It started out as people wanting to know what it was about, and then we were having fun with it, putting out false story lines. We've revealed more with each successive trailer. We'll continue to do that," Brooks told EW. "We saw a trailer the other day, and somebody said 70 percent of the things in it – based on where we were eight weeks ago – are no longer in the movie, because we keep on fooling around."

Brooks also revealed that "there are 94 speaking parts [so far]. And our animals don't speak," and "at least one [new character]. If you count nonhuman, two." The Simpsons Movie hits theaters on July 27th 2007.