Is Spider-Man 3 The Most Expensive Movie Of All Time?

RADAR online is reporting that Spider-Man 3 is the most expensive movie of all time. The site/magazine claims that Sony has spent over $350 million on the film so far. You add Press and Advertising and that figure goes up to half a billion. But is it true?

The original number coming from the studio was $250 million. The producers of the film insist that the costs didn't exceed $270 million. Studios and producers almost never tell the truth, but the $80 million gap is too large to be believed. Realistically, the studio probably spent about $280-something million on the film so far. You add the P&A, and that comes to around $400-$415 million, far below the number that Radar magazine is trying to spin. Either way, the truth is that this: Spider-Man 3 is probably the most expensive film of all time.

Back in January, we had an article on James Cameron's Avatar, which is already set to become one of the most expensive films of all time. You might want to read that article to find out the truth about budget costs, and how much money is needed to break even. Did you even know: A movie's distributor receives only a little more than half of the final gross. And I'm not talking before the stars salaries, special effects or P&A. I'm talking about those numbers you see every week on BoxOfficeMojo. If you didn't, you should definitely read up.