Kevin Smith Did NOT Direct/delay Fanboys

Last week we relayed a quote from Fanboys star Chris Marquette, who claimed that the film had been delayed due to sound effects rights and a cameo from Clerks director Kevin Smith.

"Kevin Smith had seen it, and [he] came in and was like, 'Oh, man. I love it.' So they let him write and direct one of his own scenes in it. So they added that in," co star Chris Marquette revealed. He went on to also blame George Lucas for the film's delay.

We were extremely excited to receive an e-mail from Kevin Smith, who added a little needed clarification.

"That's not exactly true.  Scott Mosier, my longtime producer, was brought in to reedit the flick.  Based on his involvement, I jumped in for a quick cameo during a re-shoot day that'd been scheduled long before I'd ever seen the flick.  While I did write the scene, I didn't direct it," Smith wrote. "The flick's good – I don't wanna give the impression it's not."

"I just wanted to make sure I didn't get credit I didn't deserve, as far as directing my scene; that was Scott Mosier (as Kyle [Newman], the director of the flick, was busy on the Revenge of the Nerds remake during the Fanboys pick-ups).  I only got the chance to be in the flick because Harvey Weinstein asked me to do the cameo during the pick-ups re-shoot."

So there you have it, direct from the Kevin Smith's keyboard.