Michael Moore To Link School Shootings To Antidepressant Drugs In Sicko?

Michael Moore's new movie Sicko is set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Information on the film has begun to leak out. Last week we reported that sick 9/11 responders were taken to Cuba for respiratory treatment they couldn't get in the United States. We now believe Mike intends to like antidepressant drugs with school shootings. In Bowling for Columbine, Moore exposed many of the media claims to be false. It wasn't the music, the movies, or the video games.

We were send this new video clip where Moore asks for an investigation into what pharmaceuticals the Columbine kids were on, saying "this is an extremely legitimate question to pose." He mentions a 15 year study which says that people using Prozac are 12 times more likely to kill themselves, than people using other antidepressant drugs. He asks some good questions, and I'm sure we'll see more about this in his upcoming film Sicko. In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings (which also had a gunman on antidepressants), this couldn't be more timely.

Check out this video clip of Moore talking about the issue, from Gary Null's The Drugging of our Children.