Spider-Man 3 Gets Mixed Reviews

While the first reactions were over-the-top positive, the new batch of Spider-Man 3 reviews have been very mixed. Is Spider-Man 3 not everything it promised to be?

A scooper at The Movie Blog had a lot to complain about: "The Peter/MJ relationship has nothing to it now they're together, The plot is ok but mostly serves to set up each new villain and fight sequence, There are too many new characters to deal with," and the aftermath of the finale was so weak that about 50 people apparently left a couple of scenes from the end.

EOnline wrote "It's not perfect. It's not the best of the three. It won't be the finest film at the theater this summer (at least, I hope not!)."

Even a scooper at AICN had a less than enthusiastic review: "And it tears my heart out to report that it blows. Not quite Batman & Robin-blows, but something akin to X Men 3-blows."

"Overall, as a movie, it's too busy. 3 enemies mean too many cooks spoil an already-nicely simmering broth. We saw it with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin and we're seeing it here. There's very little of the human drama of the first two movies, rather there's a lot of melodrama, and we all know they're not the same thing. Also, to relegate two major characters from the Spidey universe, Gwen Stacey and Venom, to little more than scene-filling cameos, is nothing short of criminal. The finale is what had me closest to tears. Whilst the action was fine (and I should point out that throughout the movie, the action scenes were still rather good), the characterisation was apalling. As I said, I'm not one for spoilers, but giving Spidey a sidekick? C'mon, man, what the hell?!... and the dialogue was something George Lucas would have cringed at!"

I'm worried, extremely worried.