Nine New Spider-Man 3 Video Clips

As Spider-Man 3's release looms, Sony has started to release a ton of new video clips. Here is a round-up:

Earlier today we posted a new German Television Advertisement focuses completely on Venom. It includes a bunch of new Venom Footage. Very cool.

FirstShowing has a Taiwan TV spot which they have dubbed "The BEST Spider-Man 3 Trailer You Will EVER See". I'll give it this: it's definately the most action packed ad you'll ever see. It's nonstop.

And IGN has a bunch of film clips from the EPK:

Crane Disaster: Spider-Man tries to save Gwen Stacey from a runaway building crane.Subway Fight: Peter, in Black Suit, battles Sandman in an underground subway tunnel.Gwen at Restaurant: The super awkward first meeting between Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy at an expensive restaurant.

There are a few other clips but they are mostly clips we've seen before (Peter and Mary Jane enjoy an the web, Spider-Man/Goblin Fight, Bell Tower, Aunt May Gives Peter a Ring)

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see the film, but the crane sequence worries me a bit. While it is action packed, it also features some very lack-luster special effects. Am I wrong in saying that? Also the dialogue in the Peter/Sandman subway fight is, well, less than desired considering the creative talents involved. Am I just expecting too much?