Kirsten Dunst Needs To Learn That EVERYONE Is Replaceable

It's a lesson that everyone learns when they enter the job world. They usually learn the lesson at their first retail job, like I did.

Everyone is replaceable. Someone else is very capable of doing your job.

People refuse to believe this is still true when you get up to the top. But look at what's going on at Viacom recently. There is always someone waiting in the wing to be promoted. And yet it's still a reality when you get up to the level of a Peter Jackson. Months ago everyone was up in arms over Robert Shaye's decision to go ahead with The Hobbit without Jackson, due to a financial feud. Fans signed petitions, and everyone wanted blood. Jackson was the only guy to do it! He did the Lord of the Rings Films. He needed to do The Hobbit. It's funny how time changes everything. A few months later Sam Raimi makes a comment about how he'd love to helm the project, and all the fanboys go nuts. I'm sure if Raimi were to make The Hobbit, it would make just as much money as it would under Jackson's direction. Even Jackson is replaceable.

But Kirsten Dunst must think really highly of herself.

"Audiences aren't stupid. It'd be a big flop without me, Tobey, or Sam," Dunst told EW.

Is she insane? She above everyone else is very replaceable. Did you know that Jake Gyllenhaal was lined up to play Spider-Man in the second film. Tobey Maguire's participation was in doubt at one point because he was suffering severe back pains, and the film had already begun preparation with Jake. Tobey is replaceable. I love Sam Raimi. I love his work, his style. I'm not saying that someone would be able to out do him. But I'm sure if for some reason he does not sign on for another three years of his life for a Spider-Man 4, someone else will. And that director will most likely be capible of turning out a good movie. Most audience members would not even notice the change.

I'm also not claiming that it would be an easy task. Audiences already relate the character of Mary Jane with Kirsten Dunst. But look at the case of Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter films before he passed away. Harris will be missed indeed. But if there is money to be made in Hollywood, the production must go on. They hired Michael Gambon to take over the role, and I double much of the audience even noticed.

So the lesson of the day is:

Everyone is replaceable. Someone else is very capable of doing your job.

Kirsten, we love you, but please learn this. You obviously bypassed this important life lesson due to your acting career. You probably never had to work the typical teenage retail job that everyone else had to.