David Arquette Plans Braveheart-Like Epic

Scream star David Arquette told our friends at FirstShowing that he plans to direct a Braveheart-like epic he's written as his next project.

"I'm writing something right now with a friend of mine, and I plan on directing that. It's more of a Braveheart type of world, where there's still violence, but it's a great story and hopefully people will dig it."

"More in the tone of a Braveheart, with epic battles, that sort of film… Well we already wrote it… we wrote this swirling axe shot, but actually when 300 came out they did the shot that we wrote. Which was a little discouraging, but then also one thing that can happen is that it always tells you you're on the right track, you know."

You can watch the first six minutes of David's new film The Tripper, which hits theaters on April 20th, at this link.