First Spider-Man 3 Reviews Hit The Internet

AICN has the first two reviews for Spider-Man 3. As far as I know, there hasn't been a public screening of the film yet. I have reason to believe that the scoopers must be somehow connected to the upcoming Tokyo premiere (something is mentioned of the China censorship board).

The first review is mostly spoiler free, but does reveal that two major characters will die, and five major action scenes occur before the nearly two and a half hour film is done rolling. Of one of the deaths, the reviewer writes:

"I think it might piss off some fans but now that I think about it, I dont know how it could have ended differently."

He says that Topher Grace's Eddie Brock is the best of both worlds (Ultimate and Amazing), Gwen is a bit underused, Mary Jane is darker, and Harry's plot has a Shakespearian arc: "you will love how it turns out, very emotional."

It ends every major plot line and doesn't leave much open, albeit it doesn't really zip things shut either, but really this is a great ending. This is the most emotional, and epic entry in the series, and like its predecessors, it never loses sight that action is a bonus to the character drama, and not the main attraction, it really is amazing.

Another reviewer reveals way too much plot-wise. We'll save you from the spoiler-filled details and give you the few opinionated bits:

Spider-man 3 is no doubt another visual feast, even more brilliant than the second film.

You'll find it almost impossible to catch up with all the fantastic scenes.

So there you have it. From the look of it, Spider-Man 3 has outdone the last one, which I and many people consider to be the best superhero movie of all time. Spider-Man 3 hits theaters on May 4th 2007.