Michel Gondry's Will It De-Blend

I don't understand Michel Gondry's fascination with creating little videos for YouTube. That's not to say I don't enjoy them. Last year the music video turned Eternal Sunshine for a Spotless Mind director posted a video where he solved a Rubiks Cude with his feet (you can see that incredible video at the bottom of this article – can you figure out how he does it?). In his new video, Gondry lampoons the popular "will it blend" informercial series with his own twist: A blender that puts broken objects back together (fun concept, simpler execution). This time around Gondry also uses the little video as a piece of viral marketing for his Science of Sleep DVD (if you haven't seen it, go buy it now). You can check out both of the videos below.



Michel Gondry's next movie, Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black and Danny Glover, is in post production. I would expect it in movie theaters later this year.