New Captivity Billboard: "Captivity Was Here"

We're in Los Angeles for the Grindhouse junket. I noticed something interesting on my way to my hotel. The offensive Captivity billboards have been removed. But that's not that interesting. We already knew that was going to happen. This is the interesting part: The billboards were replaced with an all-white background with the following words scribbled across "Captivity Was Here". The movie's official website address is of course featured at the bottom. I didn't bring a digital camera, so I am unable to capture an image at this time. Hopefuly someone will post one online shortly.

Personally, I think the replacement ad billboard is clever and funny. And I understand that Captivity has garnered a huge amount of free publicity from the controversy, but is it too much to expect the movie studio to at least pretend to respect the public? Replacing the billboard with a self referential message regarding the banned billboard is almost a slap in the face. It's akin to them saying "look what we did." Again, I'm personally all for this new billboard, but I'm just trying to look at it from the perspective of a parent who complained. Am I wrong?