3D Movies To Have Higher Ticket Prices?

I've been a supporter of the 3D movie format. I believe that for some movies, it transends gimmick and becomes an incredible movie experience. But am I willing to pay more money for the experience? Probably. And the movie studios know there are others like me out there.

"Theater owners are excited by this technology, because it not only provides a more special movie-going experience but also a meaningful growth opportunity, as research suggests more people come to see 3D movies and ticket pricing has more flexibility," DreamWorks/Paramount distribution executive Jim Tharp commented in an interview with Omeon.com.

Tharp claimed that moviegoers regard attending a 3D feature as "a premium experience."

The Disney-owned El Capitan Theater in Hollywood is currently selling tickets online for Disney's upcoming Meet the Robinsons in 3D for $13.00 for adults and $10.00 per child, a 10 percent premium over the theater's regular prices. Could this be a new trend??

I'm willing to pay a 10% surcharge. I understand there are costs to the glasses and such. But I'm hoping that theater-owners and distributors don't turn this into an opportunity to screw movie-goers out of even more money. They need to remember that the American audience has already found the home theater. Don't give them reason to use it.