Superman To Return On Schedule

Last week Bryan Singer signed on with United Artists to direct a World War II Dramatic Thriller, prompting many people to speculate that the Superman Returns sequel would be delayed. Variety reported it, we reported it. Well apparently that isn't true.

"Filming will probably begin March, 2008, as was always planned from the beginning. The WWII film Bryan plans to shoot over the summer will have NO EFFECT whatsoever on the Superman sequel schedule," explains Robert Meyer Burnett, who was behind all the behind-the-scenes material for Superman Returns (but is probably better known as the director of the geek classic, Free Enterprise).

So there you have it, direct from a guy who is already shooting the preproduction stages. Although its still hard to believe that Bryan's new project will be shot and edited by March. And even if it is, doesn't Bryan need time to focus on the preproduction planning?