Frank Miller Prepping 300 Sequel

Warner Bros' 300 has crossed the $100 million mark at the box office, it its eighth day of release. Variety is reporting that Frank Miller is also hard at work prepping a follow-up to 300 based on another mythic tale from Greek history. But good ol' Frank won't divulge details.

Talk of a 300 sequel isn't anything new. Producer Mark Canton spoke briefly about the possibility last month:

"If it all works out I'm sure we'll all be scrambling Zack [Snyder] and Frank Miller and everyone to figure out exactly '301?," Canton told our friends at FirstShowing. "Where there's a will there's a way, honestly. And the thing about Frank, you just don't know – he has a lot of stories he may want to tell that may be associated or not, but we just want this one to satisfy first."

So the question now becomes: what mythic tale from greek history will Miller update?

Some readers have suggested that a sequel could be made using 10,000: The Battle of Plataea or the naval Battle of Salamis.

Whatever it may be, don't expect it anytime soon. Miller will co-direct Sin City 2 later this year, before going it alone for the first time ever in an adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit.

Miller is also busy working on the All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder comic book series for DC, as well as finishing up the 200-plus-page "Holy Terror, Batman!" graphic novel (currently set for a 2007 release).