International Ratatouille Poster Revealed

Check out the new Ratatouille Poster from China (or is it Japan?). Pretty sweet. Why is it that everything immediately looks so much cooler with chinese or japanese script? Is it just me? Click on the poster to the left for a higher res version

A chinese version of the full length movie trailer made its way on to YouTube, but is now gone. While the trailer was in english, those pesky chinese subtitles were everywhere. Don't go searching, the official Apple Quicktime version will probably appear next week. I'm not usually a stickler for quality, but when it comes to the beautiful Pixar films, you need to watch 'em in full quality.

I really have a good feeling about this one (Cars was a very different story). Now the big question: Will kids be able to pronounce Ratatouille? If not, how are they going to bug their parents to bring them?