Night Of The Living Dorks To Invade The US

It's not often that we get blind-sided by a foreign film remake that gets us excited. The Japanese horror movies we usually anticipate, but this new German comedy sounds like it has A LOT of potential.

Warner Independent Pictures plans to remake Night of the Living Dorks, which is being described as Revenge of the Nerds meets Shaun of the Dead.

The Horror Channel has this to say about the original:

"Night of the Living Dorks will satisfy your latent craving for 80's teen comedy, and provide zombie gut munching to boot. It's more American Pie than Breakfast Club, and the zombies are decidedly Night of the Creeps rather than Day of the Dead, but despite lacking in Ringwald-age/Bub-age, this flick kicks ass."

Okay, I'm sold. Where do I buy a ticket? Oh you want to hear more?

The movie follows three geek friends who decide to try an old voodoo ritual. When they later die in a car crash, they find themselves reborn as zombies, and try to take advantage of their new lifestyle.

Who's behind this? Adam F. Goldberg, the guy whose writing credits include the Revenge of the Nerds remake (which has now fallen into development hell) and the upcoming geek film Fanboys.

Television show writer Chris Bishop (Drew Carey Show, Still Standing) has been hired to write the script.

Let's hope this one gets fast tracked into production.