Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Movie Trailer Set To Debut

ABC is set to air the first trailer for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on March 19th. A downloadable copy will appear online (presumably apple.com) a couple days later. Although, I'm sure the trailer will turn up on YouTube minutes within airing.

What follows is a very detailed description of the new trailer from an unconfirmed anonymous source:

We're coming up out of the ocean. A ship sails through the mist. There's a waterfall and we pull back to see that it pours into the void. A ship hangs off of the edge.

Tia Dalma's voice is heard: "Would you brave the weird, and haunted shores, at World's End, to fetch back wicked Jack and his precious Pearl?"

Elizabeth and Will; desert landscape – Jack enters shot! A creature scuttles up onto his shoulder. He has a little panic and tries to shake the creature off.

We see TiaDalma looking scared. Will turns around, sword at the ready. Elizabeth turns around to. Something explodes behind Jack!

Jack and another chap struggle trying to tip a boat.

Now we cut to Jack onboard a big ship. He says: Did no one come to save me just because they missed me? Cut to Jack the Monkey

Beckett is on a glorious great ship, saying "Things have changed". He goes on in another shot, this time in his office: "The East India trading Company now governs the seas."

Our first look at Davy Jones. Pirates are being rounded up and shackled.

The skull and crossbones flaps in the wind, aflame. A pirate ship has been set alight.

Beckett declares "The age of piracy is at an end!"

Swann calls out "Elizabeth!"

A long shot ships. Too many to count. Epic looking shot.

Jack, Sao Feng and Barbossa stand together amidst a huge group. Barbossa says "Theres not been a gathering like this in our lifetime". Thousands of pirates have grouped together, around an arena. In the middle are four little people – Jack seems to be amongst them.

JACK says "And I owe them all nothing"

See battles. The Kraken rips a ship apart. Will, Jack and Elizabeth stand together, swords drawn. That huge epic shot of ships again. This time, there's many more ships coming in the opposite direction – the mother of all battles between the East India Trading Company and the amassed pirates.

Davy and Jack have a duel in the rain.


Will makes to strangle Beckett.

Ships are sucked into a whirlpool in a thunderstorm.

Close up of Elizabeth and Will's hands. She pleads "Don't leave me".

Tia Dalma appears to be controlling the storm, using magic.

Davy Jones scurries up a mast, very quickly. Jack and Barbossa draw swords for battle. Jack says "I never thought I'd see the day"


A magical human shape appearing in the stormy skies. Cut to Will falling through a ruined deck.

Elizabeth is dressed in Eastern garb. A sword is thrown into the air. Davy Jones is mourning. Explosions in an Eastern street. Jack and Elizabeth get ready to leap somewhere.

Finally, the titlecard appears: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:AT WORLDS END

Cut to Norrington, saying "You're mad". Jack replies "Of course I am. This wouldnt work if I wasnt". he's getting ready to light a big cannon.

Cut to black.