First Across The Universe Movie Review

The first test screening of Across The Universe happened last night at The Grove in Los Angeles. Ever since the trailer was released (If you haven't seen it, check it out here), I've been very anxious to see the full movie. The first test screening review has hit the web and it's over the top positive.

Let's take a look:

"From blue screens to puppets, this film is an absolute trip. To sum it up, it�s a Beatles musical dissecting different sects of people in the 60�s. As far as musicals go, it�s similar to Pink Floyd�s THE WALL, in that it�s a series of songs directly translated to screen with broad stroke of surrealist eye-candy through- out."

The reviewer says the film includes over 25 Beatles songs leaving "little room left for dialogue."

"From the opening shot of ATU, you can feel how much Taymor wants to make this film...and it make right."

"The film has absolute cult potential, if not for the built-in Beatles fan-base but for the charming product that will send chills to anyone willing to be sucked into this colorful adventure."

Read the full review over at AICN. Sounds like everything I've been expecting, and then some.