Speed Racer Movie To Be Shot Almost Entirely On Green Screen?

It looks like the Wachowski Brothers' big screen adaptation of Speed Racer may be shot entirely on green screen.

Apparently, John Mathieson (Gladiator, Matchstick Men, Kingdom of Heaven) turned down an offer from the Wachowski Brothers to be director of Photography on the film. The cinematographer told students that he would rather make a Kylie Minogue video than shoot something entirely green screen, according to AICN.

Joel Silver previously told Empire Magazine "I don't know if we'll even use any cars," spawning rumors that the Wachowskis would rely largely on CG for the film.

Also, at Wondercon Joel Silver confirmed that it would be a family friendly movie. This project just keeps sounding worse and worse. And a studio is giving them big bucks to film this thing. Do they expect a big return on their investment?