New Spider-Man 3 Footage Debuts At WonderCon

According to Sony, the video clip we saw was apparently cut "exclusively for WonderCon."

It began with a greeting from Avi Arad who apologized for not being able to make it to WonderCon. He thanked the fans for supporting the franchise. And assured fans that the third film could be the best.

The actual footage began with the standard GREEN MPAA Trailer logo we've become accustomed to. This makes me wonder if this "exclusive footage" is actually just the trailer that will be released next week?

We begin with Topher Grace's character entering a church. He kneels at a phew.

"It's Edward Brook Jr. Sir, I come before you to day to ask you for one thing, to kill Peter Parker."

A sequence of Spiderman flying through the air.

Peter talks to his teacher Dr. Connors tests the black goo.

"This substance amplifies aggression. It seems to like you."

Harry Osborn stares at his father in mirror.

"You know what you must do..." says Willem Dafoe.

The new Green Goblin chases Peter through the city streets on his hover board, throwing pumpkin bombs. Spider-man throws a bomb at Harry and it explodes in his face.

Peter Parker walks away angrily.

Mary Jane asks Peter what's happening.

"I need to stop it"

Peter rips off the black suit on top of the bell tower. Topher Grace looks up, "Parker?"

Subtitle: A Hero must fight

The black goo falls on Eddy Brock and begins to consume him.

Subtitle: The Venom within

and we see... Venom scream. The fast dolly-in that we've seen from the previous leaked footage.

Spider-Man 3 logo being consumed by the black symbiote.

Cut to Spiderman (wearing a ripped up suit) looking around. Venom smashes down out of the top of the screen and rips him off screen.

The new trailer focused on the Venom/black suit storyline. Both Sandman/Flint Marko and Gwen Stacey were completely absent from this new clip. I'm guessing that this will be the new trailer released next week attached to 300. So I'm wondering why the clip was introduced as a "WonderCon exclusive." Some of the people in attendance are speculating that the Venom clip at the end was added for the Con.