Ratatouille Posters That Weren't

I've always found the movie marketing development phase to be facinating. How many trailers must be cut before one gets the greenlight? How many movie poster designs must be created before they come up with that one poster that really works. Stephane Kardos is one of the artists that was hired to design some poster concepts. Check them out below.

Stephane based the designs off 1920's French style illustration (A.M Cassandre).

The top one was the favorite, and I then did the 2 other ones. I did the last one in black and white first, but they wanted a color version to fit with the style of the movie better. I had very little information about how Remy will look like at the time, which I guess was good in a way to help me keeping the design simple.

Stef says that the posters will be used for consumer products purposes.