Page 2: Kevin Smith, Sirius And XM, Sunshine Cleaning, Scarlett Johansson, Academy Awards And More

I never thought I'd see the day when they would have a college class to study Kevin Smith's films. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'd take it — Hell, I could teach it: CA 520J – Films of Kevin Smith (1 credit hour) This course will examine the films of prolific Indy film director Kevin Smith. It will delve into Smith's history, his entry into filmmaking, his development as a director and writer, and explore motifs and themes as seen in his films. The course will also examine Smith's trademark "wordy" style in terms of storytelling and narrative flow. 22020171 M Tu W Th 03:30-06:50PM Moore 109 Smith, Jeffrey. Class meets MAY 21 – MAY 24

Camera Phones are banned from the Academy Awards: "...guests are not allowed to bring cameras, including phones with a camera feature..."

Remember: Polls for the 79th Academy Awards close today at 5:00pm PST.

Sirius and XM are merging! Great, now Howard Stern is going to be forced to play nice with Opie and Anthony, and Oprah Winfrey and Friends. It's bad enough he's had to smile it up around Martha Stewart.

Steve Zahn (Sahara) has been cast opposite Amy Adams (Junbug), Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) in Christine Jeffs' (Sylvia) dark comedy Sunshine Cleaning. Zahn plays a married police officer having an affair with the co-owner (Adams) of a firm that cleans up messy crime scenes.

Did you hear that high pitched sound in The Messengers trailer? Me neither. I guess we're too old.

Scarlett Johansson was named sexiest celebrity of the year by Playboy, taking the crown from Jessica Alba.

Spielberg vs. Paramount continues... Yawn.