Rambo IV Renamed John Rambo

Sylverter Stallone has announced that Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra has been renamed to John Rambo.

When Stallone announced that Rocky VI would be called Rocky Balboa, I snickered. I just didn't like the change from tradition. I understood that was the whole point, to publicly acknowledge and separate the film from the last couple bombs. But the title grew on me as time went on, and the movie did not disappoint (which is probably key).

I'm not a big fan of the Rambo IV title change. I'm one of those DVD buying fanatics with a wall full of DVD's in alphabetical order. And something really bothers me about having to separate the rest of the Rambo series from John Rambo due to a first name title change. And before I get the eventual comment: Yes, I know Rambo was titled First Blood. And Yes, that bothered me too. I'm also one of the few people that didn't mind that George Lucas renamed Raiders to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on the DVD release. May-be I just have OCD.

Anyway, the story line involves a retired John Rambo, living a monastic lifestyle in Bangkok. When a group of volunteers bringing supplies into Burma disappears, a relative of one of the missing missionaries begs John to help find them. He heads off with a team of young guns.

John Rambo starts shooting on February 23rd in Thailand. The movie is scheduled for a Summer 2008 release.