Zack Snyder's 300 Booed In Berlin

My friends have seen 300 and have assured me it's good. That said, the screening at the Berlin Film Festival went horribly wrong.

According to cinematical:

I started shortly after the opening credits; small groups of folks began heading for the door. It got worse when the main villain appeared on screen and all the audience could do was laugh. And, yes, it ended when whatever was left of a packed house booed Zack Snyder's 300 as the end credits scrolled up the screen — once and for all squashing all rumors that this film would sparkle, dazzle and unite moviegoers from around the globe in the belief that 300 would be the first great flick of 2007.

The journalist went on to say that he feels confident that the movie will be a huge hit in the success, and that the film might not be understood or accepted by Europeans. Hmmmmm. Yeah, thats what it is.

300 will hit theaters on March 9th 2007.