The Signal Movie Trailer

One of the films we liked at Sundance 2007 was The Signal. In our review we called it "hilariously violent." Magnolia picked the movie up at the fest, and now you finally get to see what we were talking about.


Plot Synopsis (from our review):

In the city of Termius, a mysterious signal is being sent through all electronic devices: phones, televisions, radios...etc. The Signal (hence the title) make those who hear/see it go violently insane.Imagine a zombie movie but instead of people dragging themselves through the streets in search of flsh, everyone is in the streets with weapons looking to their fellow humans.

It's always great to see a low budget film transcend it's money limitations and shoot for the moon. The Signal is a epic fight set in a world that is destroying itself. It's fun and bloody, everything you want and expect from a horror film.