Rumor Killer: JJ Abrams Kicked Off Star Trek?

We received a rumor a couple days back that JJ Abrams had been removed from the Star Trek prequel/revamp film. We chose not to run the story as the source was less than credible. Now it seems like every movie news site on the web has grabbed a hold of this rumor. So the question remains: is it true?

Our sources told us that it wasn't credible, so we didn't run it. Now AICN has confirmed our suspicions.

I had JJ's contact info and sent his Blackberry a, "Is this BS or not" email. JJ wrote back in about 20 minutes with a one word response, 'False!" – I then wrote him back to say, "Well, heads up, somebody is trying to spread that rumor." – I then wrote the scooper back to say JJ says it ain't so. Shortly later, JJ responded with, "Haha!"

Good to hear JJ is still on the project. Now please, stop spreading these rumors – they give us internet sites a bad name.