Sundance: It Is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE. Movie Review

In 2005, Chrispin Hellon Glover shocked the world with his artistic insanity with What is It? Two years later, Glover has returned to Sundance with part two: It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE.

More obvious and linear than the first abstract film, Everything Is Fine is written and stars Steven C Stewart, a former activist with cerebral palsy. The film is a gigantic dream sequence where Stephen's character has sex and kills a bunch of women. It's supposedly the result of years of frustration of being an outcast.

Everything is Fine was shot almost entirely on gigantic sets built in a warehouse. Most of the dialogue is unintelligible due to Stephen's disability. The rest is laughably horrible at best. The sex sequences are full on, full-nudity, with full penetration. One scene involves sex with an "underage" daughter of one of his victims. After he kills her, he has sex with her dead body.

It is my belief that this film exists only to shock and offend. Glover claims that the film is not exploitation because the writer and star has a disability. I don't exactly know if that argument is valid. Does that mean that a Black man can make a film about how african americans should go back to slavery. I know this is an extreme opposite but you need extreme opposites to argue this point of view.

Like it or hate it (the film was sold on and had approximately 50 people walk out), Glover's IT trilogy challenges the way you think and view film.

Also of note: Steven C Stewart died a month after completion of the film, and was never able to view the footage.

/Film Rating: 6 out of 10