Sundance: Adrift In Manhattan Movie Review

Adrift in Manhattan is the latest multi-character interweaving drama from Alfredo de Villa.

While taking photos in the park, Simon becomes infatuated with a sad woman sitting at a bench. Rose is an optometrist who has not gotten over the death of her son. When an elderly patient is told that he will lose his eyesight in two months, he is forced t reevaluate his career, hobbies (painting) and lifestyle.

Heather Graham gives the first descent multi-layered performance of her career. William Baldwin always tries too hard, but never fully delivers a passable performance. I wonder why Hollywood hasn't given up on the "other" Baldwin brothers. It's clear that Alec is the only one with talent. Dominic Chianese's performance is heartbreaking.

Adrift in Manhattan is a pleasant surprise. It provides an interesting and intimate snapshot of the life of everyday people in New York City.

/Film Rating: 7 out of 10

Starring: William Baldwin, Adrianna Bremont, Dominic Chianese, Marlene Forte, Heather Graham, Victor RasukDirected by: Alfredo De Villa