Sundance: Rocket Science Movie Review

Rocket Science is not about Science, nor is it about Rockets. It's about that first High School love. In the running tradition of such films as Election, Rushmore, and Squid and the Whale, Rocket Science is about a unpopular high school student named Hal Heffner, who can't spit out a complete sentence without stuttering.

He's one of those losers you knew in high school who sits in the corner of the cafeteria hoping not to be noticed. He's awkward, uncomfortable and unconfident. But one day Ginny, the head captain of the competitive debate team approaches Hal to become her new partner. Hal instantly falls in love, but things aren't what they seem. The movie plays off the typical genre archetypes and story arcs to present something new, funny, and original.

This film perfectly captures the feeling of the first loser crush and the horrible world ending feeling of betrayal when you realize that it will never work. Reece Thompson is perfect as the sympathetic young lovable loser that can. And Anna Kendrick has a career-making performance as the fast talking smart and conniving Ginny Ryerson.

Jeffrey Blitz has created the next Sundance classic. See this movie, see this movie, SEE THIS MOVIE.

/Film Rating: 8 out of 10Starring: Reece Thompson, Anna Kendrick, Vincent Piazza, Nicholas D'Agosto, Aaron YooDirected by: Jeff BlitzDistributors: Picturehouse