Sundance: Zoo Poster Revealed

Already the most talked about film of 2007's Sundance Film Festival involves Bestiality. Didn't we get enough with last year's Stay (later renamed Sleeping Dogs Lie)? Apparently not. The documentary from director Robinson Devor (Woman Chaser, Police Beat), is about a man who dies after having sex with a horse.

The poster to the left shows a man's reflection in the eye of a horse. Creepy. The tagline reads "We Are Not Who We Appear To Be".

Full details on the film below:

Directed by: Robinson DevorWritten by: Robinson Devor and Charles MudedeRelease Date: 2007Rating: Not Yet Rated by the MPAAOfficial Synopsis:

ZOO tells the story of a seemingly average businessman whose secret sexual life led to his shocking death. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Robinson Devor ("Woman Chaser," "Police Beat"), the film explores the ensuing media coverage and public outcry that uncovered a secret community of apparently upstanding citizens who share this extreme and exotic appetite, revealing the enormous gulf between what we appear to be and who we really are.