Final Fast And Furious Movie To Be Directed By Fast X's Louis Leterrier

The final "Fast and Furious" movie (if you believe that this series will ever really end) has found its director — and it's a familiar name: Louis Leterrier. Leterrier also helmed the upcoming "Fast X," and now he's on board to direct "Fast and Furious 11," which will get an appropriate and official title sooner or later. This is likely a sign that the studio and producers are happy with Leterrier's work on "Fast X," as the filmmaker was a last-minute replacement, taking over the 10th movie from franchise stalwart Justin Lin. Leterrier's previous credits include "Unleashed," which is a pretty great action movie no one seems to talk about anymore, as well as "Transporter 2," "The Incredible Hulk," "Clash of the Titans," and "Now You See Me."

An innate understanding of the franchise

Variety broke the news that Louis Leterrier is directing "Fast and the Furious 11," and included a statement from Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer:

"Louis joined the 'Fast & Furious' team seamlessly, with an innate understanding of the franchise that is stronger than ever after two decades. Under his direction, 'Fast X' is a high intensity thriller with all the spectacular action, emotion, and twists that the fans have come to expect – and then some ... We are thrilled that he will continue to work his magic in the director's chair."

Good for him! I don't tend to think of Leterrier as a great filmmaker, but he's a workman who can likely deliver a study picture on time and under budget, and that's something studios salivate over. It's also likely proof that whatever Leterrier did on "Fast X" worked, because if it hadn't, the studio would likely be shopping for a new filmmaker. The 11th film in the franchise is expected to be the last, at least in terms of the main series — spinoffs are always possible. In fact, it already happened with the lackluster "Hobbs and Shaw." 

Regarding the end of the main series, franchise star and leader Vin Diesel said: "What gets harder [about the films] is the work off-screen. The thinking, the expanding... It's hard to continue mythologies. There's a reason why Tolkien stopped writing after a while." While "Fast and Furious 11" doesn't have a release date just yet, "Fast X" is due out in theaters on May 19, 2023.