Diego Luna Snuck His Sneakers Into Andor's Prison Set Whenever He Could

As someone who has had my chilly feet described as blocks of ice, watching the prison scenes in the Star Wars series "Andor" was rough. If you recall, rebel Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) is imprisoned for anti-Imperial activities while he was masquerading under the name Keef Girgo on the resort planet of Niamos. I mean, sure, he was doing a lot of anti-Imperial stuff, but not the things they accused him of. Add to that the raised punishments for pretty much everything (ensuring that the Empire has a lot of cheap labor to build their Death Star), and it makes for a rough incarceration. 

At Star Wars Celebration in London, fans were treated to an "Andor" panel with the stars of the show. /Film has a bunch of reporters on the ground to bring us all the juicy details. One fun moment at the "Andor" event involved a group of people dressed as Cassian and the other prisoners on the moon Narkina 5, who were chanting "One way out, one way out," as the prisoners did during their daring escape. The cast appeared to love it, and Luna revealed something fun about shooting those scenes. The prisoners on Narkina 5 are forced to be barefoot all the time, but Luna said of himself, "To be honest, when it wasn't a wide shot, I was wearing sneakers."

'I was wearing sneakers'

To refresh your memory, the prison cylinders on Narkina 5 are almost completely submerged in water, so there really is only one way out — diving from the top of the building into the sea to swim to safety. Getting up there is difficult, though, because the floors are electrified. Prisoners are forced to live barefoot because all a guard has to do is turn on the zappy floor to give them convulsions. They get to wear protective boots, but the prisoners are forced to spend their day in what look like jammies and chilly bare feet. (I'm not claiming to know what the temperature on Narkina 5 is. I'm just saying that tootsies get cold when you don't have socks on, even in the summer.) They don't even need doors on the cells because the floor is all charged up, and the poor shoeless guys are sitting pelikkis. (Those are duck-like creatures on Naboo, in case you were wondering.)

All I could think about when I watched those scenes of the prisoners working on Death Star parts is that they're using heavy metal things, and I don't know about you, but I'd drop one on my foot immediately and frequently. I don't care how encouraging floor manager Kino Loy (Andy Serkis) is. I would mess it up and constantly have bruised feet. Not that I'd feel it because they'd be frozen solid. What, they can't get them little slipper socks? You can still zap through them, but no one would have to sing "Let It Go" when they touch their toes. 

I don't blame Diego Luna for sneaking in his sneakers. I just hope the rest of the prisoners got some fuzzy Darth Vader slippers or something. 

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